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Wet Hot Amari Active Summer: The Wet Look Leggings

Amari Active Wet Look Leggings

Let’s face it: Leggings are here to stay and they’re the summer staple every woman needs in her closet.

Each season gives us new legging looks to love, but the Summer 2019 trend is one that isn’t going away any time soon: The wet look. This summer leggings are being elevated to a whole new level with the wet look and we’re here for it.

We love Amari Active leggings because they can be worked into any look at any given time. Amari Activewear for women has been designed to be a cornerstone of every woman’s wardrobe, whether she’s in the gym or on the go.

The Wet Look: Amari Active Leggings are Here

The wet legging look isn’t about metallics or sparkles, rather it’s all about the vibrant yet subtle shimmer that creates the illusion that you just stepped out of the water. Metallics, while also very on trend this spring and summer, are more focused on resembling metal with their sheen and color rather than the glow created by the wet look.

Wet look leggings aren’t made out of swimsuit material to achieve the look, rather they’re a blend of polyester and spandex for that understated shine that achieves the signature wet look without looking like you fell into a pool.

The Amari Luminous Legging offers the wet look you’re looking for combined with all of the performance and functionality you expect from Amari Activewear. It has a mid-rise waist with a zipper pocket, four way stretch for peak mobility, power mesh to give you added breathability and style and a snug, edgy fit to make you stand out in a crowd. All of that, and they’re machine washable and dryer friendly for the lowest maintenance possible. 

Color Leggings from Amari Active

Black leggings will always be the go-to color choice, and that’s also true with wet look leggings. However, vibrant color is so in this summer and you can expect to see bright solids and fun patterns in the wet look also.

You might not be able to dress the bright and bold colors up for every occasion, you can definitely use them for special occasions. Right now we’re thinking of a navy blue wet look leggings and a blue and white striped top for the perfect summer nautical look, or red wet look leggings with a white top and blue blazer for an easy and fun Fourth of July look.

Versatility in Leggings

There’s no other item of clothing that can take you from the yoga studio to the mall without a care like leggings. Amari Active workout leggings offer the versatility, style and comfort for any situation and will go far in helping you to achieve your signature look. Incorporating the wet look leggings into your summer wardrobe will keep you in style at all times

Let’s talk 5Ks and fun runs. The active woman doesn’t have to be a runner to take part in a charity 5K or fun run, which is why these events are so much fun for the whole family. They usually take place on the weekends in the early morning hours, so you might have to run from the race to another engagement without time to change.

Enter wet look leggings.

Wet look leggings can take you through the race and through the rest of your day without looking like you ran a race that morning. The wet look provides just enough shimmer to set you apart from other runners and they’ll have people talking the rest of the day about your stunning silhouette. Versatility that combines peak performance with the season’s biggest trend makes wet look leggings a must-have in your closet.

Legging Looks to Love

Wet look leggings are like a classic pair of leather pants in that they are a high end look no matter what you’re wearing on top. Unlike leather pants the wet look leggings are so much more functional, versatile and comfortable while still creating that same high end look.

Thanks to that sexy silhouette your legs look amazing and give you the ability to wear a chunky sweater on cool days, complete with boots, of course. You can also wear a t-shirt, or an oversized shirt knotted on one side. With the wet look leggings you can even go business casual with a fitted blouse and blazer.

Need something to wear to a cocktail party? Wet look leggings and a cute top will get you through. When Independence Day barbecues and mixers roll around all you need is a sexy pair of strappy sandals with a sparkly top you’ll be pret a par-tay in no time.

(And we won’t tell anyone if you’re rocking the wet look all the way through the fall to the holiday season. Just imagine pairing wet look leggings, a velour top and cute magic!)

For maximum style you need a solid pair of leggings and a pair with mesh. (We won’t stop you from getting more, because of course you need more!) The solids will be more versatile moving from daytime looks to nighttime style. The mesh design is perfect for morning and afternoon activities, or even trips to amusement parks where you can put together whatever look you want. Having both looks in your closet will definitely give you everything you need.

There is literally no end to what you can create with these leggings and half the fun is seeing how far you can push the limits.

Bottom Line

Being on trend is one thing. Owning Amari Active leggings that will carry your look around the clock is like gold. It’s no wonder women are scooping these leggings up when they find designs that they like.

We’ll leave you with one final thought about the wet look: It’s not often that a trend remains trendy for a long period of time. The understated elegance of the wet look legging will give you lots of room to play with this look all summer long but it certainly won’t stop there. This is a look that won’t be going away anytime soon, so get a jump on developing your signature wet look legging looks now!