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Hi there! I’m Miranda, a fitness and fashion YouTuber who shares everything from What I Eat In A Day to What I Wore This Week. Stop by My Channel and say hi after reading this post where I share my top 5 fitness hacks! These hacks help me live a healthy lifestyle and I hope they work for you too!

1.IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS! Create a workout playlist with high-energy beats that will keep you motivated throughout your entire workout! I have a Gym Junkie playlist on Spotify that helps me get the blood flowing! Click HERE

2.FRESHIN’ UP YOUR THREADS! Without a doubt, every time I workout in new gear I always have the BEST sweat sesh! My new Amari Active Yoyogi top and Kaleidoscope leggings have helped keep me motivated. The Sleek jacket is also great for running errands after the gym. 

3.CARB UP! Yesss!! Carbs are your best friend, especially before a workout. My favorite pre-workout snack is a slice of whole wheat toast topped with almond butter and banana. As long as you keep it clean and healthy, there is no need to fear carbs. Remember: FOOD = LIFE & ENERGY

4.CHANGE IT UP! Sometimes we get so caught up in a routine and then all of a sudden we begin to burn out and get bored. It happens to me too. How do you fix this? Update your workout by signing up for group classes or give circuit training a try. The options are endless! Lately I have been changing up my location. Some days I workout at the gym but other days I get creative at home and outside!

5.SMILE! This is something I HIGHLY recommend doing at anytime and everywhere! Simply smiling can make a huge difference when it comes to your health and emotions. Be mindful of your surrounding and what you are doing that very moment. So if you are halfway through your workout and ready to give up, just smile and realize that you are one tough cookie! ;)




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