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The New Amari Diary Series

Amari Diary Series

Amari Active has always been about fitness, fashion, and all things health. Over time we have realized there was so much more that we’d like to share and say in order to stay inspired and connected to our community and tribe. After all, Amari was built on a mission to create the ultimate on-the-go apparel for active women. To empower women every day. And to give women the strength to shine and to be their best self. 

The more we share the more we have found that we are not alone in our thoughts and experiences. In fact, many of us are going through the same things or have been through similar situations.

All of these reasons and more are why we are so excited to introduce a new Instagram series: The Amari Diary

Women of Amari

We want to collectively share personal stories openly and honestly. From embarrassing moments and funny stories, to health and fitness fails, #girlboss wins, family drama, and everything in between.  

The Amari Diary has no bounds, no rules. We are sharing these posts in hopes of connecting to people who can relate.  Follow our Instagram now to enjoy!