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The Ultimate Fitness Start Up Guide

The Ultimate Fitness Start Up Guide

Let us help you start the year strong. We’ve created the must read fitness index to kick start and help you power through your fitness journey.


Before we launch right in on the how to’s and must haves. You first need to evaluate your goals:   

The key is to set CLEAR concise goals. Weather they be short term or long term, keep them realistic. Make sure your goals allow you to track change (stamina, weight, strength, etc.)

Vision boards are a great tool to help you clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on your goals and dreams. They are meant to kick start your imagination and help you physically visualize your goals. SOUNDS LIKE A SMASHING TOOL TO US.  

Check out our vision board pinterest page for some inspo.


Pick your activities: Then make sure you have the right gear for success.

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A higher intensity exercise that supports cardio-respiratory fitness and weight loss. 
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Biking is a powerful aerobic fat burning exercise that boosts strength and builds muscle.
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Indoor cycling: Geisha Tank and Chakra Capri
Depending on the weight you are lifting: Lifting lighter weights is great for building muscle endurance. While a higher weight load is key to increasing strength. Weight lifting is also a great workout for reducing body fat.
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Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice that can improve strength, balance, and flexibility.
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There are thousands of sports, activities, and fitness gyms available to be explored. Try it all until you find a activity that motivates you and doesn't feel like work.

Get the ball rolling with these sample workouts

Purchase a water bottle:

A reusable water bottle is a must!  Not only Hydration is key for all fitness activities but reusable water bottles are all around the healthier choice.  

Ensure you don't over look hydration. Click here to purchase your water bottle now!


Make a schedule and pack a bag:

Write up an exercise calendar. Put it in your planner, your phone, on your spouse's and friend's calendars (to hold you accountable). Think consistency not perfection. Have your bag packed the night before

Gym Pack Essentials:

  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hair ties
  • Extra socks (trust us on this)
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Get pumped and stay pumped. It has been found that listening to music while working out not only helps improve the quality of your workout but music can inspire you to workout longer and harder during your routine.

Don’t have a fitness playlist? Checkout out our motivation station


Have a podcast list set and ready to go:

Getting bored at the gym is one of the biggest reasons people stop going...We get it- Sometimes your music playlist doesn’t match your workout or the way you are feeling. We suggest having a podcast on deck. There are tons of genres to choose from.

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And there you have it, your gym kick start guide. Remember embrace the changes and make a program that works for you!