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According to Wikipedia, A bowling shirt is a style of camp shirt in which the fabric, color and design vary greatly, but frequently incorporate contrasting earth tones and simple geometric designs, with more expensive versions often made of silk.

They May Have A Single Pocket On The Left—Small Logos Or Monogram Initials Are Also Common Options On The Left Breast. And For Me Personally, Whenever I Think Of A Bowling Shirt, I Think Of Charlie Harper (Two And A Half Men). You Get The Visual. 

I’ve Always Been A Fan Of Active “Off-Duty” Activities And Bowling Can Be A Blast! What Isn’t Always A Blast Is Figuring Out What To Wear To A Bowling Night Or Even...A Bowling Date! Like, How Do I Look Cute And At The Same Time Anticipate The Need To Be Able To Move, Perspire (Maybe) And Not Look Like A Total Disaster? Just Try A Simple Google Search For “Cute Women’s Bowling Shirts” And The Outcome Is Horrifying. Sorry, But I’m Not Wasting My Money On A Cheap Polyester Button-Down In A Disco Color. No Thanks. And Since I’m Not In The Market To Start A Cute Women’s Bowling Shirt Company Right Now, I Figure I’ll Get Creative With Activewear. It’s Perfect For This Type Of Event. Activewear Is Comfy, Allows You Freedom Of Motion, And Is Made To Moisture Wick. Plus, Added Bonus- It’s Normally Somewhat Fitted And Supportive So Your Booty Will Look Good As You Strut Down The Lane.


From Our Collective Merchandise, I Selected The Shredded Leggings. I Liked The Idea Of A Kinda Rock-N-Roll As I Bowl Vibe;) 


Shredded Leggings
Amari Tank
Free People Hidden Valley Woven Plaid Shirt
Vans Old Skool

The Nice Thing About A White Bottom Is The Versatility That Is Allotted When It Comes To Building Your Ensemble. White Is Like A Blank Slate So The Possibilities Are Endless. The Shredded Leggings Take Things A Step Further With The Supportive High Rise & Shredded Knee. Which Means...Cool, I Can Drink Some Beer And These Puppies Will Hold In My Bloated Belly And….The Ripped Knee Means If I Take A Tumble, I’m Covered Because This Style Is Already Distressed;)


So, I Had A Fun Start To My Day By Getting A Little Exercise And Swigging A Few. Obviously, I Worked Up An Appetite And I’m Ready To Press On To A Casual Dinner & Drinks Spot. But First, I Need To Spice Up My Look. Luckily, The Shredded Leggings Are Easy To Transition. All I Need To Do Is Throw On A Bootie, Fresh Shirt (Don’t Forget To Re-Apply Deodorant), A Layering Piece Like A Denim Or Leather Jacket And Grab A Few Accessories. All Of These Fresh Pieces Fit Easily In My Bowling Tote So It’s Really As Simple As Hitting The Bathroom For A Few Minutes And Coming Out Like Wonder Woman!

One Thing To Note- Our Shredded Leggings Are A Subtle Show-Stopper. They Attract Attention From All Crowds. They Are Excellent In Yoga Class But These Can Be Turned Up To Turn Heads At Night.


Pro Tips:
1. Wear Or Bring Socks.
2. Leave The Bell Sleeves & Flare Jeans At Home For This Activity. As Much As I Love Both Of These Fashion Trends, The Extra Fabric Is Not Ideal For Rolling Down The Lane.
3. Stash Hand Sanitizer In Your Purse.
4. Wear Clothes That Provide You With The Freedom To Move.
5. Be Conscious Of Your Jewelry Selections- You Don’t Want To Get Your Long Layered Necklace Caught Up In The Process.
6. If You Get Hot Easily Or Feel You Might Get Nervous- Wear Your Hair Up In A Cute Pony Or Messy Fishtail Braid.
7. Stash Blotting Tissues In Your Pocket In Case You Get A Little Shiny While Picking Up Those Spares.
8. Layer, You’ll Want To Keep Cool In The Alley And Stay Warm On Your Walk To The Car.
Have Fun! 


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