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What Lululemon High Waisted Leggings Don't Do, Amari Active Will.

High Waisted leggings Amari Active

High-waisted leggings are here to stay. They’re the new classic look for ready to wear leggings, whether you’re in the gym or on the go. Leggings like the Amari high-waisted leggings have cemented themselves as a staple in the modern woman’s wardrobe.


Leggings were created to be functional at the gym, first and foremost. (Okay, maybe not the sparkly sequined pair you have in your closet!) As the line between sportswear and activewear has blurred, leggings continue to be perfected to be as flattering and functional as possible while combining style and performance for maximum versatility.

One of the great innovations in activewear for women has been high-waisted leggings. While traditional leggings are functional in their own right, high-waisted leggings have a wide band at the top for added support and to prevent slippage or rolling. What’s more is that the added support helps make women look even better wearing them as it smooths the waist and abs to create an elongated silhouette.

The high waist is the secret. Think of every pair of pants you’ve ever owned and how they feel different depending on where they hit at the waist. If they’re too low they can be less than flattering and if they’re in the middle they’re not comfortable. The high waist is key because it sits above your midsection and acts like shapewear to keep the stomach flat and smooth no where you are. You can be on the elliptical, running a marathon or running errands and that band stays in place and makes you look great.

Function and Performance

You know those spin bike commercials that make us all wish we had a whole room dedicated to our spin bike? Women in the commercials are peddling their derrieres off and they’re looking fantastic doing it because they’re wearing high-waisted leggings. (Honestly, since we can’t all have the bike let’s just consider the commercial an ad for high-waisted leggings) As you can see, the band never shifts, rolls or bunches and allows for a comfortable workout.

If they can withstand the spin bike they can withstand anything else you throw at them!

High-waisted leggings with mesh are all the more practical for hot yoga, running or hiking in humid weather or for staying cool while you’re out and about this summer. The mesh breaks up solid colors or patterns to reveal a bit of skin - or a lot of skin, depending on the style - and there are even fun mesh patterns and designs that really elevate the look and take it from peak function to functional fashion.

Speaking of function, add pockets and you have yourself a real winner. Everyone loves pockets, and designs like the Amari workout leggings with pockets give you style, performance and function with the addition of a zippered pocket. Now you don’t have to worry about sticking a key fob in your shoe or stuffing money into a sports bra. You have leggings with pockets and they are everything.

High-Waisted Legging Looks by Amari Active

Obviously high-waisted leggings have been designed to perform in any workout scenario. But they also work in your everyday life as the foundation for an outfit. Like any other legging they’re easy to dress up or dress down, and either way they’ll help show off all of that hard work you’ve been doing at the gym.

Here are a few ideas for how you might wear your high-waisted leggings at the gym or around town:

Oversized and Sassy Cardigans with Amari Active

Pair your high-waisted leggings with an oversized tee for a relaxed look. You can even knot the shirt on one side for a sassy 80s look that shows off your sleek physique while giving yourself room to sweat.

It works perfectly for your college hoodie, too. The band of your high-waisted leggings will disappear under the hem of your hoodie, making your stomach look flat and complimenting your waist. Hoodies are often used to hide in, but high-waisted leggings take the focus away from the bulkiness of the sweatshirt so that your waist and legs become the standout feature they’re meant to be.

Cropped and Loving It

There is nothing sexier than a great bra top and high-waisted leggings. They don’t even have to match, but points to coordinating sets! Show off those abs and let the leggings do the talking. Enough said!

For women who want more coverage but still want flaunt their assets then consider pairing your favorite crop top with the high-waisted leggings. The crop top will reveal the slightest bit of skin for a sexy peekaboo look. It’s perfect for a more conservative approach or when you’re leading up to the summer season and putting in the long hours at the gym to get ready. In fact, the crop top look is the perfect transition to the summer bra top look!

Summertime Sensation

High-waisted leggings will carry you through the entire year in some parts of the country but they’re obviously a summertime staple that can be used for workouts as well as summer cookouts. Dress them up with a cute sequined top for your Fourth of July barbeques.

Hit the Del Mar Racetrack for the summer concert series with a pair of high-waisted leggings, a cute tank top and a light cotton blazer. And a hat, of course. It’s Del Mar, after all.

If you’re heading to a theme park then rock your favorite tee with a pair of Amari workout leggings with pockets so that you can keep your phone with you during the long lines and keep it safely stored in the zippered pocket for all of those fun loops.

Wherever you’re going this summer, take the high-waisted leggings with you. Whether you’re on a boat or at the beach, high-waisted leggings will give you the look you want and the function you need.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day there is no end to the different kinds of activewear for women, and new styles and designs arrive with each new season. Amari high-waisted leggings are here to stay and they will elevate your workouts by giving you the performance you want while making you look like the goddess you are.