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Freedom To Be: does mood affect your outfit?

Do you pre-plan what you’re wearing the night before an event ? Are you the type of person who lays out your work look in the evening so you’re not rushed in the morning?

Honestly, that sounds like an ideal world but when you’re an “emotional dresser” like myself, that’s simply impossible. Now, I won’t say that I don’t “consider” what I might wear the next day as I’m falling asleep...but I will say that the very ensemble I’m pumped to rock at 10:30 pm may not be how I’m feeling at 7:30 am. Just like any red-blooded American female, my personality or mood can sometimes change at the drop of a dime. And when that happens, it typically means that my clothing options can fluctuate from feeling like dressing like a rock star to outfitting myself like a pilates teacher.


I'm Wearing:
Tidal Tank
Tidal legging
Dolce Vita Sneakers

Lucky for me there are versatile brands out there like Amari Active. The thing I truly admire about their assortment of activewear is how functional the pieces are. The quality is amazing and the designs lend themselves to take on the life, mood or personality of whatever look your hoping to achieve. Feeling a little wild? Throw on Amari’s Frills skort with a crop top, and casual sneakers. Did you listen to Beyonce this morning and you’re now in a BOLD mood? Slide on the Blush Leggings and Sliced Tank and you're showing the world you CAN wear white after Labor Day & you will!

For this article, I decided to rock 3 different styles based my more frequent moods.


I'm Wearing:
Paradise Legging
Inlet Bra
H&M Chunky Knit Wool Sweater (sold out)

Definition: enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure
The psychology behind the words fun elicites so many varying ideas & emotions. For me, I find that I have the most “fun” when I’m feeling confident and light. For me, a spunky mood, makes me think PRINTS!  Amari's Paradise Leggings make morning dressing SUPER FUN! Plus, the vibrant colors help boost my spirit and make layering a breeze. Simply choose your favorite color from the print and use that as your accept piece hue.

Definition: having or marked by great physical power or striking or superior
Ahhh Strong, one of my favorite words! What makes an individual strong? Not only can it be as simple as their physical power, it can lend itself to a deeper meaning as well. I feel the strongest during my gym workouts & challenging yoga classes. Amari’s clothes are geared toward those with an active lifestyle. So, today I’m in luck! I can rock a new legging and sports bra combo and know that the bottoms will hug & support and the sports bras will keep my goods in place. 

Definition: Fashionable or luxurious
 I decided I wanted a sophisticated style that I could wear from work to workout without wasting any time. And Amari offers soo many high fashion, quality pieces that’s it’s virtually impossible to choose just one set that makes me feel Posh. Practically all of their designs can transition you into an Uptown girl. However, on this day, I opted for the Tux Set. The intricate pin-tucking and lush material easily set the stage for my boss babe vibe.


I'm Wearing:
Tux Bra
Tux Leggings
H&M Snake Print Trench (sold out)

So get out there ladies and show the world that you're more then just a one look pony. Get creative with your moody dressing habits and lean on Amari for the FREEDOM TO BE you!

Pro Tips:
Turn your sour mood around by wearing something with a joyful feel. Been putting off rockin that vintage Minnie Mouse tee? Now would be the best time to do it! The smiles you get from passersby will help uplift your spirits!
If it makes you feel good and you wear it with confidence then who cares if it's technically "on trend."
Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll never know you were harboring that inner boss babe unless you try.
Not all trends are meant for ALL people.
Keep body shape in mind - balance your proportions.
Be mindful of coordinating your make-up and hairstyle with your overall vibe.


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