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Easy Ways to Reinvent Yourself for the New Year

Amari Active Blog

Looking to reinvent yourself but not sure where to start?     

Maybe you are already working on the massive January 1st overhaul and you need some polishing up ideas. We've compiled a list of tangible self-transformation basics. And if saving money is on your resolutions list, go here!

Firstly, we suggest flexing your positive thinking muscles. Research suggests that positive thinkers deal with stress better, have stronger immunity, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease! Cultivate optimism, you are building a better version of yourself! 

Update your wardrobe. Out with the old in with the NEW! Purchase some staple pieces that you can support you in every part of life. Transitional pieces are all the rage and you don't have to break the bank by purchasing separate outfits for work, gym, nights, weekends. 

Amari Active Shorts and Bra

Check out our Instagram and see how the world styles our versatile activewear. 

Date yourself. Take time to write down your goals, big and small. Wrap yourself up in one of Amari's comfy cozy cardigans and take yourself out on a little date that solely focuses on YOU. Reinvention is about self discovery, make you a priority. 

Get that much needed hair cut/ hair transformation. We all know the saying: New do, new you! A fresh cut/ style can give you that extra boost to keep on going.

Why not get a new active set to compliment your new do?

Amari Active Fitness Clothing

Finally, clean out your tribe. The people you surround yourself with affect your whole life force. Network with people who are motivating, positive, and moving forward. You're upgrading your life, it might be time to upgrade your tribe. 

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We all have the best intentions for the new year. Whether you start with small manageable lifestyle changes or rocket into the new year ready for self discovery. We at Amari are here to support you through every reinvention.


Happy New Year,