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Bohemian Dreamin With Amari Active

Activewear styled for a bohemian vibe

Bohemian style is classically defined as an alternative type of fashion, different from the mainstream trends of any other period in time. In fact, this exact definition applies to the entire history of the look. Over 200 years ago, bohemian was a term referred to as an exotic style sense, usually associated with artists & musicians, as well as with writers and eccentric intellectuals.  

ic: womens workout gear styled for bohemian all day wear

workout gear styled for a bohemian look


In the early 1960’s the bohemian movement took on new meaning. And with the introduction of the “hippie era” came a whole new appreciation for all things celebrating freedom, fringe, & feathers. 

 As we are all very well aware, active fashion has found its stride. Most recently, we have seen an upswing in scenesters, celebrities, and stylists sneaking their favorite & most comfortable active fashion pieces into their festival wardrobe. It makes sense right? Why not be extra cozy & confident and hopefully, sweat-free, while you shake your booty to your favorite music.

I’m here to admit that the bohemian look is ½ of my personal style. I find it to be one of the most intriguing and often one of the hardest looks to nail. This look can be AMAZING if it’s done right and downright cheap & confusing when the mark is missed. Needless to say, I’m hopping on the trend-express and transforming my favorite Amari pieces into the ultimate boho ensemble.

To start, I need a solid foundation or base. Luckily, Amari has a new bra & legging set that fits the bill. The Lavish bra and Lavish legging both have unique & delicate lace details combined with a sleek fit. The neutral colors of olive & black make it extra easy to match & layer. 

I landed on giving the olive Lavish bra and Lavish legging a try for my boho daytime chill look. The black lavish set spoke to me for my evening wine tasting ensemble.


Daytime Look:

womens active fashion styled for an all day boho look     womens activewear styled for an all-day bohemian look

 I'm Wearing:

For the evening, I went with our Lavish set in Black. I wanted to look dressy but not over the top fancy and still maintain my boho vibe. The sheen on the black lavish set pairs perfectly with this delicate and feminine blouse. Truthfully, The night time outfit options for this set are endless. The leggings pair perfectly with black booties for a long & lean silhouette and the bra has a deep-v neckline for optimal layering. I seriously felt soo damn sleek and cute in this look. Added bonus, the possibilities for adding more pizazz are endless.

womens leggings styled with a pretty evening blouse

womens leggings and sports bra styled for evening  

    womens leggings and sports bra styled with a pretty blouse for evening 


I'm Wearing:
Steve Madden Booties

At the end of this project, I was able to prove to myself that it is possible to transition your daytime gym clothes into a bohemian dream. In fact, it’s actually a rather easy & practical look to execute. Plus, the tiny details like lace & perforation on the lavish legging & lavish bra mean even simple additions can transform your look with a breeze.

 A few stylist notes when transitioning your gym wardrobe to your basic wardrobe:

  1. Don’t force it! If your initial instinct is: “this isn’t working” then move on.
  2. Hesitant to try activewear outside of the gym or yoga class? Test drive your street style look on short outings like Target shopping trips or your next nail appointment. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to match tones and not exact colors.
  4. Start with a solid base. 
  5. Footwear is key.
  6. Don’t be scared to try adding and subtracting. Want more jewelry, add more jewels. This look is all about FLARE soo embrace it!