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Best Workout Leggings for Squats

Best Leggings for Squats : Meet Amari Chopper Legging

When it comes to working out, what you wear matters. Not only does fun and flattering workout gear help motivate you to get to the gym, but having the proper equipment also helps to increase performance and prevent injury. When it comes to doing certain workouts, wearing leggings is better than wearing loose fitting pants. If squats are part of your routine, Amari activewear for women has the best workout leggings for squats. 

We’ll be talking about why what you wear matters in a practical sense, but for some women workout gear is half the motivation. There are avid runDisney enthusiasts who plan their outfits before doing any training for the big race. Getting into the gym with that cute tank top that shows off all of your hard work helps to motivate you to push even harder. Amari activewear for women is designed to not only help you perform at the top levels, but it looks amazing. Forget ratty old gym clothes. Go to the gym and strut your stuff!

What You Wear For Workouts Matters

You don’t run in cross training shoes, and you shouldn’t wear loose fitting clothing when you’re doing squats. Squats are a great way to work out because they can be done anywhere, but form is everything. Being able to look down to make sure your knees are moving over your feet is important, as is watching your stance from the side in a mirror to make sure you’re using proper form.

Not only should you be wearing leggings, but a tight-fitting shirt is more beneficial than a loose shirt because it can prevent you from monitoring your technique. Loose clothing in general can be problematic because it can limit your range of movement.

Squat Science

Form is of particular importance when it comes to squats. Squat enthusiasts have mastered the form, but beginner and intermediate “squatters” often need to check their form. Squats are hugely beneficial as an exercise when done properly, but if done improperly they can lead to serious injury.

To achieve proper form, stand with your feet at shoulders’ length apart. Push your backside back and then, keeping your back straight, squat down while making sure your knees never move past your feet. There are a number of great videos that show the best forms and techniques. Here's a video of one of our faves. Remember, Amari just dresses you to look better in squats - we're not trainers! Listen to the pros when it comes to movement. Just wear cute leggings while you're at it.

If you’re new to squats, practice near a mirror. Look at your form from the front, making sure that your feet aren’t too spread apart, and then also study your form from the side to make sure your knees stay in the desired place. Some people extend their arms up and out at an angle while others clasp their hands together and keep their arms bent in front of them. Advanced technique can incorporate weights.

Since squats can be done anywhere, including on the street corner while waiting for a red light during your run, you want to be sure you have unencumbered movement and perfect form to avoid injury, and that’s precisely why what you wear matters so very much.

Best Workout Leggings for Squats

The Amari Chopper Legging is perfect for women who love incorporating squats into their routines. The moto details on the sides accentuates toned quads while the mesh below provides added breathability.

Chopper Leggings have an elastic waist for comfort and performance. The side pocket is perfect for an ID or some money for the juice bar after the gym, or it can even hold your key fob during your run or while you’re hiking. That’s really the beauty of the Chopper Legging. While they’re perfect for squats, squats are usually one component of a larger workout routine and these leggings can handle everything you throw at them.

Chopper Leggings for Squats!Chopper Leggings for Squats and more!

Moto Fashion Leggings for Women on the Go

The extra details in Amari workout leggings help elevate a normal pair of leggings to something special. The moto details on the side, which kiss the intricate mesh pattern just above the knee to create a stunning visual, will elongate your leg and create a stunning silhouette. Those details give the leggings a luxurious look, so that when you leave the gym no one would ever guess that you just came from hot yoga.

In fact, Chopper Leggings are so exquisite that they look too nice for the gym. What does that mean? It means that when you wear them outside of the gym they’re not going to look like gym clothes at all, and when you’re at the gym you’ll be the center of attention for all the right reasons.

You can dress these leggings up so easily. A nice top and light blazer will give these leggings a business casual feeling, but they also work with a shirt or sweatshirt for a fun and flirty look. They still look elegant if you hit the grocery store fresh out of the gym with just a bra top on. Talk about peak versatility! Whether they’re dressed up or dressed down, they work as hard outside the gym as they do inside the gym.

The Intersection of Function and Fashion: Amari Leggings Meets You There

It’s no secret that leggings have become one of the most important articles of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. Their versatility alone is unmatched, and the practicality of being able to go from home to the gym to running errands in the same pair saves busy women a great deal of time.

With so many thoughtful details, from the fashionable details courtesy of the moto design to the practicality of the side pocket, the Chopper Legging should be a staple in every woman’s closet.