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3 Ways I Style Amari for Everyday Life

How to Style Amari For Everyday  Life
Transitioning from working full time in sales to becoming a traveling freelance creative has shifted more than just my workflow. There was no "how to" manual given to me, to detail how to fit it all in. How do I get to the gym, answer my email streams, organize meetings and then find time to write. It’s been a harsh transition juggling how to move from one task to the next while setting aside time to do the things I need to do for me. I've experienced a bit of a learning curve fine tuning the best way to minimize my morning routine so I could maximize the rest of my day. Amari’s leggings have been the perfect addition to my everyday wardrobe, making it easy to check off my "to-do" list and look and feel good along the way. 

Here are three ways I style my Amari leggings for my everyday bustle.

On the Go
The hustle and bustle of freelance life has come with many hats. And with juggling all the things, staying comfortable but still feeling put together and stylish has been a challenge. The Rise Leggings have become a part of my go to everyday wardrobe. Whether it’s off to grabbing a coffee with a client, scouting locations for our next photoshoot or dashing to the airport to catch a flight - throw on with a comfy T-shirt, a pair of chucks and a hat and I'm out the door. I have a fashionable, comfortable and no fuss outfit that gives me the flexibility and versatility to move from place to place stress free. 
How To Style Your Amari Leggings

Day to Day Wellness
Whether it’s hitting the trail, yoga mat or gym, I look and feel good rocking the Juno Legging inside and outdoors. The mesh stripe down the side allows breath-ability and a touch of style while the higher waist allows them to sit snug up allowing me to maximize my movements worry-free. Pair with a sporty jacket and my travel pack and I'm ready to hit the trail or head to the gym. Or often I throw them on with the simple Bliss Bra and flow into my own state of serenity. 
Amari Day to Day outfit

Dress it Up
Most days, I like to keep it casual. But some days, I want to go all in and dress to impress. Whether it’s to get out on the town or just fancy up for myself, throwing on my favorite booties, a cool headband and a bold blazer is one way I take my favorite leggings to the next level.

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Photographer Credit: Laysea Hughes - @gypsealaysea