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3 Best Workout Leggings for Women

Best Workout Leggings for Women

All leggings look great, but not all leggings were created equal. These days there are so many different kinds of leggings that it’s hard to keep track. Activewear for women has evolved so much over the past few years that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a high rise legging or high-waisted legging but there is a difference.

Choosing the right pair of leggings is the difference between a good workout and a killer one. No one wants to be continually hiking up her leggings because they’re bunching up, and the right pair will help you feel like a goddess during your vinyasas...and you’ll look like one, too.

Leggings With Pockets

Leggings with pockets. Thank you, finally! Talk about a great idea. The Amari workout leggings with pockets give you the full range of motion with a zippered pocket in the back for a key, money or ID. It’s always hard to keep things with you during a workout and these will give you the ability to do just that.


Leggings with pockets are just like any other legging, only they’re infinitely more useful in a perfectly utilitarian sense.

While they’re perfect for just about any kind of workout, they’re ideal for times when you can’t leave all of your belongings in a locker. Think of a hike, bike ride or marathon. There are things you might need with you, like your ID or money, or even your car key, and having a place to keep it all without worrying is so very helpful.

That said, you won’t want to load up that pocket and do yoga since you’ll be on your side and back and you don’t need to roll over your key fob. For best results, stick to activities that will keep you from rolling over, like cycling or running, and you’ll be fine.


We’ve already established that leggings with pockets are incredibly useful and can do just about anything for you in the gym. But they’re also very useful outside of the gym.

Like any other pair of leggings, Amari leggings with pockets can be worn in the gym or on the go. If you’re out and about, leggings with pockets become ideal for times when you can’t carry a bag. Think about rock concerts and sporting events. In many cases you can’t bring a purse inside the venue, and so being able to bring your phone and car key is very useful. Or say you can bring in a small bag - having your key tucked away will give you peace of mind in case you drop your bag.

That little pocket will also come in very handy while traveling. You might not be able to put a lot in the pocket, but having some emergency money stashed away is never a bad idea in case you need it.


Leggings with pockets come in so many different looks. Obviously you can wear them with anything because they’re so darn versatile. A cropped hoodie, a cute tank top or even a shirt with a denim jacket. You know the drill - there’s nothing you can’t do with this look and having the ease of carrying important items like an ID make them the perfect piece of clothing when you can’t bring a bag with you.

High Rise Leggings

High rise leggings are the closest thing to the original leggings but the design has been improved upon over the years. They sit right below the belly button so you don’t have the kind of control that you’ll get from high-waisted leggings. Amari high rise leggings are ideal for yoga, weights and general workouts while also providing a great foundation for your everyday look.


High rise leggings are the standard without being basic. There’s nothing wrong with the originals and high rise leggings definitely have a following among women who don’t like the feel of fabric going over their belly buttons.

When it comes to performance, high rise leggings can do it all.


The high rise leggings are your go-to look. They work with everything, but when it comes to showing off those abs or your flat stomach they really can’t be beat. Since they sit right below the belly button they offer a look at more skin than your high-waisted variety, so when you pair them with a crop top or bra top you’re ready to show off.


Pair your high rise leggings with a tank or tee for a cute look that’s flirty and fun, especially if the hem of your shirt sits just above the waistband for a little hint of skin. They’ll go with anything, of course, and they’ll really pop with a bra top or cropped top to show off your abs.

High-Waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings have a wider band at the top that sits right above the belly button. The extra width keeps the top from moving during intense workouts while also providing extra support and subtle shaping.

These leggings were created to make women look good, and it’s absolutely true. That added shapewear element goes a long way to give women extra confidence knowing that their leggings won’t slip or bunch up while also creating a sexy silhouette.


High-waisted leggings were designed to give you a full range of motion. They’re perfect for spin class because they won’t bunch up when you’re hunched over on the downhills. The same is true for yoga, running and weights. In sum, these leggings really can’t be beat when it comes to function.


High-waisted leggings have really become the rockstars of the legging world because of the look they create with the performance that we love. Being able to wear the same pair for so many purposes is awesome, especially if you’re into cross-training. And if you’re getting ready for a triathlon then high-waisted leggings are your best friend. They’ve got you covered whether you’re biking, running or even swimming. They’re you’re most important piece of equipment and they’re versatile and stylish enough to work in and out of the gym.


The high-waisted look is perfect when it comes to stepping outside of the gym. The shapewear makes any outfit pop, but knowing that you have complete support and control also make them great to wear with a tight-fitting top so that you maintain a fantastic silhouette. You can rest assured that the waistband is staying put, and you’ll be able to have a full range of movement without constantly straightening them.

High-waisted leggings work well with crop tops, bra tops, oversized tees and tank tops. The slimming effect created by the wide band at the top provides the coverage you need with the control you’ll love, leaving you with a flattering, smooth silhouette.

Bottom Line

In some cases it doesn’t matter which style of legging you choose because you’re going for a certain look. That’s what’s so great about leggings. But when performance matters, choosing the right leggings makes all the difference in the world.

When you need to have your hands free, Amari workout leggings with pockets are the way to go. High rise leggings are great for yoga, pilates, barre or even aerials. If you’re not sure which style to go with, you really can’t miss with Amari high-waisted leggings. They’ll carry you through spin class, marathons, yoga or circuit training, and so much more.